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Visegrad, Hungary to Komarom, Slovakia

Visegrad, Hungary to Komarom, Slovakia

Breakfast on the Donau

Before touring the ruin, we grab some food & coffee from the local store and have breakfast next to the Donau (Danube).  After checking out the former castle, we head back down the mountain and pick up EuroVelo 6 and make our way to Esztergom.  In Esztergom we visit the basilica and take a tour of the dome.  From the dome you can see for miles in any direction, so we take our time taking in the scenery.


After lunch we head for the Maria Bridge that connects Hungary and Slovakia to continue our ride up the Donau on the Slovakian side until we reach tonight’s destination, Komarom.

Komarom is a truly border city that is split by the Donau, Slovakia on one side and Hungary on the other.  It also has 3 very large fortresses that we plan on seeing in the morning.

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