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After spending several days sightseeing Florence we made our way to Rome.  Sadly with every campsite being closed between Florence and Rome, we decided it would be more economical to just take the train. The cost of tickets was about the same price as one night in a hostel and way cheaper than a hotel, plus we would be there in 4 hours instead of 4 days.

After a few days on the road, we finally arrived in Florence. We did the tourist thing and visited most of the sights, including the famous statue of David. Sadly, we were not allowed to take a photo of it because of the "NO photo" police were in full force, yelling at anyone that even looked like they were going to touch their cameras!

Check-out at the hostel is at 9:00am, so we get up early, have a bite to eat, pack up our bikes and hit the road again. What initially just seemed like a foggy morning, soon turned into another cold, rainy, miserable, wet day. Also those nice bike paths that we were following from Brenner pass to Verona have disappeared and now we are forced to ride along cars on sometimes busy roads. Luckily, we are on our way to Bologna, which leads us through the Po-flats so there are at least no hills to climb. Every once in a while we even manage to find a couple of quiet isolated roads, usually these are roads with big ruts and potholes, that most people do not want to take their cars on.

A little down time in Verona, Italy

The long riding days and the cold, rainy weather have worn on us, so we decided to take a little down time in Verona. After arriving late at the only youth hostel in town, getting settled into our room, and after a good night sleep, we went to sight see Verona. Even the sun peeked out
The last few days we have been doing a lot of cycling through the region known as South Tyrol Italy trying our best to finally get out of the snow. Our legs are pretty worn out, but we have hopefully left all the snow behind us. Now if we could get the rain to stop and have some