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Spending unexpected time in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Mexico

Spending unexpected time in Mazatlan

Arriving on Mexico’s mainland

The ferry arrives in the morning on mexico mainland in Mazatlan. Like most of the ferries we have been on, we are one of the last ones to disembark. This is fine with us, it is less stressful, when we know, we are not holding up car or truck drivers. Plus it is early and we already have an AirBnB reserved. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to check in until the afternoon. For now, though we are hungry.

As we leave the port, Ron already has us oriented on the GPS and we start heading toward the old part of town. Most of the eateries appear closed. Eventually though, we find a few places, which unfortunately have nowhere to sit down. Also, the menus seem foreign to us. Just when we thought we had the taco menus dialed in, we notice nothing familiar on these menus.

Not sure what to order, we continue on and debate to even turn around back to the port. There we saw hamburgers and hotdogs advertised, which without a doubt are probably going to be awful. Luckily, we came across another small eatery. There are a few benches out on the sidewalk and the owner is super friendly. Since we don’t know what to order, he pretty much explains the whole menu to us and we end up eating a few very tasty carnesita tacos.

Even after taking our time at the taco stand, it is still too early to check into our small apartment, so we worked our way to the Malecon to hang out by the ocean and maybe grab another cup of coffee. While we sit there and enjoy our coffee there are a few people coming by to talk to us. Mostly Americans on vacation. We also meet an expat who has been living in the area for a while. Some have a million questions others are very cautious and wondering if it is safe for us to cycle here.
Finally, we get a message from Allan, our AirBnB host, that the apartment is ready for us.

It only takes a few minutes to cycle through a few colorful alleys, past a beautiful church and a nice park to get there. It is located on a busy street. Luckily the door is facing a smaller side street. Allan comes down to meet us and helps carry a few bags up. He tells us all about the neighborhood, where to shop, where to eat and cool places to look at.
We only plan on staying a couple days…but like so many times during our travels, our plan does not pan out and we end up staying more than 2 weeks, thanks to a chipped tooth that needed fixing.

Despite the inconvenience of having to extend our stay, we are forever grateful. We ended up making new friends. Alan and Milagros were awesome and tried to accommodate us with lodging. We even ended up going for dinner and breakfast together and had a fantastic time. Alan was also nice enough to get us in contact with his dentist, which was really helpful and lessened the anxiety of having to find someone who speaks English and who we were comfortable with doing a crown and possibly a root canal.

Although, we moved from our original apartment into one of Alan’s other small apartments, we were still able to reach all the fun places in Mazatlan. We strolled around different plazas and the malecon. We checked out the churches, went on a hike up to the faro and the glass floor lookout. We enjoyed all the alleyways, the colorful houses and the colonial architecture. We ate a lot and enjoyed people watching from our balcony as well as from park benches. And we loved listening to the calm beautiful singing we happened to walk by the church.

After Ron finally received his new permanent crown it is time to say our goodbyes to Alan and Milagros. Since Allan is an avid runner and cyclist he was able to give us some good routing advice out of Mazatlan and for our first few days cycling on mainland Mexico.

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