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We still can't believe we've made it. We have traveled through parts of the US and Morocco, we rode from Southern Spain and found our way all the way to Scotland. We have made it over the Alps in the winter and rode to southern Greece and back to the most northern point in Europe--Nordkapp--on bicycles!! Although, our route through Europe resembles more of a zig-zag figure eight, we feel somehow accomplished. At the same time we feel like we have reached the end of a great adventure. We had to change our route several times due to different reasons, such as bad weather or a conflict in the Ukraine; yet, we have managed to ride our bikes in 23 countries so far and feel very fortunate and blessed about it. We have seen many great places and met lots of wonderful people, who have made our journey special and unforgettable.
After only a few hours of sleep, we wake up to the sun beaming on the tent. The sky is clear blue again, even in the direction of the water it looks clear. We hurry up eat breakfast, pack the camera, our rain jackets, snacks, a bottle of water, our water pump/filter and the 6-liter
For the last few days, I've had a really hard time figuring out what time it is... because no matter what time it is, the sun is up! It is already making its way across the horizon early in the morning when I first open my eyes, it follows us all day while riding our bikes, it shines when I get hungry and when I get tired, it even still puts a spotlight on me when I sneak out of the tent to go pee in the middle of the night. Even since before we have ever entered the Arctic Circle in Finland, we caught ourselves riding until close to midnight without a worry in the world: we do not have to worry to find a camp spot before it gets dark and we do not have to worry about breaking up camp before
It is still early, when I wake up to grey clouds, threatening to release more rain on us. I scratch the new bumps on my legs and arms and swat at the few pesky mosquitoes that have found their way into our mosquito-net enclosure to torture us all night. After successfully assassinating the little critters, I change into my riding clothes and look for the midge-net and long-sleeve windbreaker in hopes to fend off all the other bloodsucking critters that are stalking us right outside the net. I really love the net! It has become my little save-haven and lately, I even wish I could make a whole suit out of it; especially, when taking a break in the woods from riding or while trying to eat a meal in peace.