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For the next few days, we continued bike touring through Poland and slowly worked our way east across Poland to reach the Lithuanian border. The riding was fairly easy along quiet, paved country roads that led through several small villages and past unique half timbered churches.
The following morning and after a short cycle up the Oder, we decided to cross over the border to start bike touring in Poland. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"]bike touring Poland Pangeas at the Polish border[/caption] As soon as we crossed, we lost our nice, quiet bike paths and had to share the road again. Fortunately, the roads were quiet and the drivers kept their distance.
Our little detour out of Berlin led us southeast for several miles along the river Spee until we were able to cut our way north again to the river Oder. The German-Polish border runs right along the Oder; however, we decided to stay on the German side to ride along the 'Oder Radweg'.

It only took us a few extra months, but we finally put together a few webpages highlighting our most recent bicycle tour through Czech, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. We've added a small sample of photos for you to view, information about the places we stayed...