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A gift to us

A gift to us

Day 96 (13 Jun 2013) – Conversation while getting a beer at the Glaciar sports-bar after a long day of riding.

Bar owner (Sergio): “Where are you from?”

Ron: “Florida”

Sergio: “That is strange”

Ron laughing: “Why is this strange?”

Sergio: “Because it is a long way away!”

Ron: “We are just cycling around the area.”

Sergio: “Would you like to go kayaking with us and 70 teenagers tomorrow? It is my gift to you!”

Us: “Sure, thank you! When do we show up?”

Sergio: “10.00 o’clock”

Us: “And if we want to help getting the kayaks ready?”

Sergio: “Then come at 9:00”

and so we did…The bar is located right there at our campsite and the river Tejo runs just below it.

We help moving kayaks, fasten the seat-backs in them, and get the paddles ready…

Soon afterwards about 70 excited, happy, giggly, teenagers appear to celebrate their last school-day of the year on the river Tajo.

…..and then the fun begins!





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