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Bom Caminho!

Bom Caminho!

Day 116 (2 July 2013) – We have successfully finished the El Caminho Portugues!!!

We know, the updates have been rare. However, by the time we made it to a shelter, an Albergue, or a campsite, we either wanted to share our time with the other pilgrims from all over the world, or we were too exhausted to even think about blogging.

The El Caminho is most definitely something to experience and it is difficult to explain the journey, unless you have experienced it. Since everybody has to choose their own way and will meet different challenges and different people along their way your experience will be different from ours.

The Caminho has shown us that we are able to endure many physical and mental challenges. We experienced happiness, disappointments, and mishaps. We were proud of our achievements and at the same time other people’s kindness and so many other things humbled us along our pilgrimage.

The helpfulness and the spirit of the other pilgrims and other people we met along our way were an inspiration and we often marveled over how we were so lucky to find so many wonderful people along our journey.

The nature, the sometimes very challenging paths, the mountain views, the many little villages along our way with all the crooked alleys were absolutely gorgeous and quite worth all the effort and hard work.


Even though it was not always an easy ‘Way’, we absolutely enjoyed the El Caminho De Santiago and would recommend anybody to give it a shot at one point of his or her lives.

Here is a short (kind of) video of our journey along the El Caminho de Santiago. Sadly, we were not able to get pictures of all the great people we met along our way.

Enjoy and Bom Caminho!!!!

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