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Skulls and bones, Roman temples, lots of history…welcome to Evora

Skulls and bones, Roman temples, lots of history…welcome to Evora

Day 91 (8 June 2013) – After packing up our wet tent and after helping the circus people move a couple of their trailers, we chat with the show master for a moment. Once he finds out that we are from Florida, he tells us all about his brother, who is in a show in Tampa at Lowry Park Zoo…what a small world! Should we make it back in time, we’ll try to look him up one day to tell him ‘hello’ from his brother in Portel, Portugal—haha.

The morning is cold and windy. We stop at the city park on the way out to make some hot coffee and eat some breakfast, before heading out of town.


A few miles out of town, we spot a funky little lizard in the middle of the road. Apparently, it is too cold for the little fella to move, because he just remains stiff legged in the road, while we take pictures of him.

To make sure he won’t get run over, we move him off the street into a more sunny location.

Our ride to Evora is quite uneventful otherwise. The  route takes us mostly along quiet country roads.


In the late afternoon we find our campsite just outside the town, where we plan on taking a down day.

The following day is filled with checking out the unusual sights of the city.


We find our way through the narrow streets to the chapel of bones. Although many people may find a chapel with human bones lining the entire walls and columns a little creepy or disturbing, it was actually meant to be a place for meditation. One is supposed to come here to contemplate his/her own mortality, as the inscription on the entrance reveals.

“here our bones are waiting for yours to come”, is the rough translation of the inscription.


Afterward, we head toward the castle complex; on the way there we pass the remains of the Roman Temple of Diane, which seems somewhat out of place in the middle of a square in town. The huge cathedral and the palace are towering over the town where we enjoy the view of the rest of the town below.


We even spot the Roman aqueduct leading out of town from up here.

After a full day of exploring town, we head back to camp to check the map and to plan our route for the next few days.


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