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Small towns, making it to Beja, and meet Eduardo

Small towns, making it to Beja, and meet Eduardo

Day 88 – 89 (5/6  June 2013) – First thing in the morning, we tear down the tent and cook some coffee. Today’s sky is much cloudier and it has cooled down quite a bit again. However, the persistent wind remains.


We creep slowly along our route toward Beja, where another municipal campground awaits us. On the way there, we ride through a small town called Mertola. We ride right through the historic part of town, where we admire all the small, whitewashed houses and the crooked, cobblestoned alleyways. Unfortunately, we can not visit the castle in town because there have been more Roman ruins found around it, that are being excavated at this time.


However, we are able to check out some of the Roman ruins and the very interesting cemetery next to the castle. We stop for a cup of coffee at a small place, sit outside, and watch the world go by. On our way out of town, we wander through the local market and have some sugary, fried pastry, before hitting the road to Beja again.

Once in Beja, we find our campground right in the middle of town.


As we head into town to get some food-supplies we run into Eduardo, another bicycle tourist from Brazil.

We hit it off right away and hang out with him later in the evening at the campsite over a cup of wine and some great stories. Eduardo just bought a bike in England 2 months ago, took a train to Paris, rode the El Camino Santiago, made his way into Portugal, and has been cycling in Portugal for quite some time now.


He is a wealth of information on where to go and what to see in Portugal. Even better, since he prefers the small towns to the big cities—just like us—we are happy to take some of his advice.

Thank you Eduardo!


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