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Cycling from Fagaras to Sighisoara, Romania

Cycling from Fagaras to Sighisoara, Romania

We get up and are exited to see more of Romania. After our buffet-style breakfast we pack up quickly and go on our way to find more supplies for the day. Ron waits outside the little store to watch our bikes, and gets surrounded by several children asking for food and money. This happens quite often around here, mostly around the touristy sites and in bigger towns and needs a little getting used to. We pack up our supplies swiftly and head toward the big Citadel to wander around and to check out the big Orthodox Church in the center of town. A woman is singing liturgies in the church while woman on the left and men on the right are listening and praying. Since we don’t want to disturb we exit quickly and start riding. We are trying to cycle from Fagaras to Sighisoara today.

Since Făgăraș is at the bottom of a mountain, we start climbing again as soon as we leave town. This road seems nice with little traffic and after several miles we find out why. The asphalt turns into broken asphalt and patches of dirt and eventually it’s just loose gravel and big rocks that keeps twisting and climbing up the mountain. On top we take a well deserved break, watch some butterflies and hummingbirds before going on a much more enjoyable downhill ride, although we still ride over rocks and gravel. Soon we reach little villages, which are only connected by this dirt road. We see little dusty kids playing along the way, older people sitting at their front doors, and farmers working–everybody is greeting us with waves and hellos. Some villages have more fortified churches, some in desperate need of repair, a lot of the colorful houses in this backcountry are abandoned and in need of repair as well–but under the surface it all seems so beautiful. All the farmhouses are connected to their barns. Furthermore, they are all connected to their neighbor’s houses by walls with gates, to form courtyard in between the houses.

Eventually the road turns into asphalt, which makes for a less dusty and bumpy ride. The sun is beating on us all day and none of us are able to eat anything, we run out of water pretty quickly though and have to stop again to buy some. We find a little tiny shop with some locals in front drinking beer. After we buy some water and of course some ice cream, one of the guys is very interested in our travels; especially, after he learns we are Americans and tries to communicate with us.  It is funny how many Romanian words we can figure out by watching gestures or by how similar they are to either German or English. As we begin to leave, Ron and his new friend shake hands and he wishes us “Drum Bun” and ensures us, that it is a good thing to say to someone traveling.

Around 16:00 we finally arrive in Sighişoara, where we quickly find our way to the historical center to look for a hostel and lucky for us we find one. 

After a quick shower, we feel that riding all day in the sun does eventually make you very hungry, so we endulge in some good Romanian food at the Burg-hostel before exploring the medevil town with its many crooked alleyways, stairways, towers, and churches.

As it gets dark, we head back to the hostel, have a couple more beers to wind down before heading to bed.

Drum Bun!

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