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Hateg to Lugoj, Romania

Hateg to Lugoj, Romania

The day starts out with some terrible news from home.

Oscar (1994-2011)

Our Oscar, the 17-year-old Dachshund we adopted from Ron’s Mom after she passed away last year died on Monday.  We can only pray that he is now with his original family (Ron’s Mom & Stepdad) and eating all the doggy snacks he can eat. Rest In Peace Little Buddy!

Needless-to-say Ron was in a somber mood and needed to be left alone, so after we rolled out of Hateg, he put in his ear buds and went on his way.  Roughly 15 miles later we made it to Semizegetusa, a 2000-year Roman ruin and the former Capital of Dracia and of course Ron was sitting there too.  After spending nearly an hour or so exploring the ruins it was time to hit the road again and take on our last big climb for the trip.  Naturally, when you put two guys together it becomes a race, so Ron and Sam take off. After reaching the top it was time to enjoy the downhill on nice and smooth asphalt and so we did; however, before reaching the bottom we decided to take a lunch break under a big shade tree and enjoy the view one last time.

At one of our water stops, a local man sitting outside ask, “Germania?” and Ron replies, “No, American.” The man looks very surprised, smiles, nods his head, and now they’re conversing.  They chit chat for 5 minutes or so and in the end, the man stands up shakes Ron’s hand and says, “Drum bun!”

We arrive in Lugoj before the Sun disappears on the horizon and quickly find a place a to stay.  After a quick shower it’s beer & chow time.

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