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Long Road to Sebes, Romania


Long Road to Sebes, Romania

So we start the day out early, like 07:00 o’clock early. After a quick bite to eat we head out of town on the long road to Sebes. A few miles into our ride we come past another fortified church, unfortunately sermon is held at this time so we have to pass by and just enjoy the outside view. We keep going on a long uphill with few switchbacks to our next destination, the “Michaelsberg Citadel” . This cute little Citadel was build in the 12th century, but was converted in early 1900’s to serve as a WW1 memorial for fallen German soldiers.

“An Unknown German Hero”

Surprisingly there are still many people around this area that speak German. Once we explored the citadel and its grounds, we hike back down to our bikes to continue riding over some rolling hills.

Our route takes us along a river where hundreds of people are hanging out to go swimming or picnicking. And of course we can not get anywhere without dodging a couple of dogs or cows on our way as well.

After another long climb we get all excited about the downhill ride, just to find out that our path takes us on a big-rock-gravel road, that seems mighty steep. Talk about “forearm-burn”!!

Finally we reach a paved road again, just in time to hit our longest and highest uphill ride with even more switchbacks. As we reach the top we decide to have a well deserved lunch. So we set up camp to enjoy the view with a few sandwiches and fruits out on a field before heading back down.

All excited about another easy downhill ride, what do we see as soon as we turn to head down the mountain??!!…….ANOTHER GRAVEL ROAD! Not just little gravel. No….Big river rocks, pointy rocks, pounded into the dirt rocks, and lose rocks. This must be the rockiest place on earth! Not to mention the potholes between the rocks.

So we slowly head down the mountain. To our surprise this rocky road even connects several little villages. Fortunately the beautiful mountain landscape and the very friendly people in the villages make up for the bumpy ride.

Several curious kids checking us out

As we stop in one of the little towns to check our route, we get surrounded by several curious kids, who tried to figure out our bikes and what we are up to.

After about 66 miles of long uphill rides and bumpy downhill “roads” , we finally make it into Sebes around 20:00 to find a place to sleep. We quickly clean up and find some dinner with some good Romanian beer before falling into our beds. Falling asleep should be easy tonight!

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