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Lugoj to Timisoara, Romania

Lugoj to Timisoara, Romania

Ahhhh… a short & easy ride today after pounding out 60+ milers on some of the most unforgiving terrain we’ve ever toured on.  A very different scene today as we headed towards Timisoara, again flat farmland with the occasional village. Oh, I almost forgot about our small detour over some railroad tracks followed by a short trek through an open field. Instead of removing half the bridge allowing traffic to still flow, the Romanians tear down the entire bridge closing the road. No big deal, the small detour was worth not backtracking several miles to the official detour.

We arrived early in Timisoara to actually have dinner during the daylight and plenty of sunshine to sightsee the town. After eating dinner and a beer or two we headed towards the Orthodox Church at the end of the square. And we made it just in time for mass.  Worshippers would come in and go through their rituals all the while the priests were singing/talking the gospel. Some would come in and do their praying and then quietly walk right back out.  We stood in observance for quite some time because we had never witnessed anything like it.  Very intriguing and we’re sure it would have made more sense if we understood their church.

From here we started wandering around and checking out the architecture.  It’s what you would imagine in most European cities with the elaborate decor and sculptures on all the building fronts. Timisoara also seems to be the most updated of all the cities we traveled through. Sure there is still a lot of work to do, but it was a very beautiful city.  After checking out the sights we found ourselves in another square, where all the locals were out and enjoying the awesome weather, so it only seemed right to sit down for yet another locally brewed beer or two! Timisoarean is the oldest beer in Romania and it is very tasty.

Tomorrow is a long ride, so we called it a fairly early night and returned to our rooms.

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