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Sighisoara to Sibiu, Romania

Sighisoara to Sibiu, Romania

We have a long mountainous 62 Mile ride ahead of us, and somehow getting up early seems more difficult today. Maybe it was yesterday’s ride, to much fresh air, or the hot sun but getting ready this morning seems like a task. So we were not too upset once we find out that breakfast won’t be available until 8:00.

After eating though, we feel a little more energetic and head out of Sighisoara to cycle to Sibiu, where we plan on taking a down day. This time the road is not quiet anymore. There are plenty of cars and trucks and no real shoulder in sight. Fortunately the drivers are very courteous, slow down as they pass and generally give us plenty of room. After the first mile or so of climbing out of Sighisoara, the next 20 miles consist mostly of flat or gradual down hill all the way to Medias where we have lunch in the city square park. After eating our sandwiches we explore the town before continuing our journey.

For some reason the sun seems extremely aggressive around here, which makes the uphills that much more brutal. And that is mostly what we encounter after Medias–40 miles of sometimes gradual, sometimes not so gradual uphill!!  All on this very busy road that seems to be swarming with big semi trucks. Also we have to beware of the occasional cow that we find in the middle of the road of some of these villages.

Thank goodness there are several little towns in between to take short breaks while checking out fortified churches or finding another ice cream.

In the end we make it to Sibiu just before sunset. We check into our next hostel that is owned by a very enthusiastic little old lady, that manages extremely well getting all her points across with plenty of gestures. She also sweeps Jessica away to take her around the next corner so she can pick up a menu at the restaurant. After another well deserved dinner we go to explore the historical center of town just to find out there is a Medieval festival going on. We wander through the market booths, enjoy the sights and smells of foods, and listen to the medieval music concert before heading back to our room.

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