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Sightseeing Sibiu, Romania

Sightseeing Sibiu, Romania

With the medieval fest going on this weekend, we decided to take a down day and sight-see Sibiu. We are beginning to understand that Romanians eat later in the day than us Americans. No breakfast until 09:00?  We also noticed that they tend to go out for dinner later than we do too. In Fargaras, we entered a nearly empty restaurant at 20:30 only to see it start filling up at 21:00 and be full by 21:30. What is up with that? Anyway after eating a late breakfast we headed back to our hostel for a short break before grabbing the city map and heading out.  During our walkabout we came across 9 newly wedded couples, in fact we were able to witness one ceremony live while visiting a church. The others were mostly in this one city park posing for photos and whatnot.

After the city tour we stopped for lunch and had our fist bad experience while traveling.  The food was cold and old and the jerks knew it! We complained, but it did us no good because they instantly forgot English. So yes… we paid the bill and left no tip, just full platters of old and cold food! I guess it was bound to happen sometime throughout our travels. No worries after another small break back at the hostel we headed back up the stairs and into the large square to enjoy the festival and a couple more beers.

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