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A Day In Brasov, Romania

A Day In Brasov, Romania

We wake up early to go sight-see in Basov today. But first we have breakfast at the hostel and apologize to our room mate in the dorm for waking him up at 01:30 last night. Thankfully, he is a very nice Australian Mate and ensures us that it was no problem. We also go ahead and book the beds for one more night, so we can really enjoy all the sites here.

We pack up the cameras, some munchies, and head off. On our way to the main square we explore the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and its graveyard (yes we know it is morbid, but somehow we are fascinated by graveyards in other cultures). As we head to the center of town we indulge in some good food with Romanian beer before we go on to check out the various bastions and towers all around town as well as the Citadel and other sites. Eventually we find our way to Tampa Hill to take the gondola upĀ (guess we didn’t make it that far from home after all). The views from the top of the mountain were spectacular. After wandering around town for 7 hours we stop at a little store on the way home to pick up dinner and some supplies for tomorrow. At the hostel we find out that we have the 6-bed dorm to ourselves tonight–how lucky can we be.

Enjoy the pictures of Brasov!

Bun drum!

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