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Timisoara, Romania to Szeged, Hungary

Timisoara, Romania to Szeged, Hungary

After a semi-refreshing evening we’re on the road and again; today the terrain is flat and all we see are miles and miles of corn and/or sunflower fields and the occasional oil derrick. Somewhere along the ride, Petra says, “I’ve never seen such large fields!” Just wait until we cross Nebraska or Iowa!

Around 13:00ish we enter the last big town in Romania before crossing into Hungary, so we decide to spend the remaining Romanian Lei on water, bananas, chips, cheese, and of course ice cream.  After our store stop we find a nice and shady spot in the town square and have lunch. While eating lunch we notice they are setting up for some sort of festival and we have quick thoughts of staying, but we come to our senses and roll out after chowing down.

We are less than 10 miles from the border and as before nothing but corn, corn, and more corn.  As we approached the border (Hungarian side) we roll up to the non-EU lane only to be told to get back in line, the EU line.  Well since they had guns, we politely do so. We turn around and go back about 12 cars and get in line.  Finally we’re next, but the car in front of us is having some issues so the next guard up walks up to us and takes our passports and like before, he disappears into the building leaving us behind the car with issues. From what we can tell they are telling them to turn around and go back, so they do. The car pulls away and we push our bikes up to the window and the man says something in Hungarian and we reply, “He took our passports!” the man replies with a laugh, “ok… ummm… parking!” we all laugh and take our bikes into the shade and wait. Finally after 15 minutes or so the man that took our passports returns and off we go.  We ride another 18 miles or so into Szeged where we find some refuge before heading out for… yes food and beer.

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