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Train To Brasov, Romania

Train To Brasov, Romania

05.00 (Hungarian time) Time to get up, freshen up, pack up and take off for the train station..We are going to take the longest train ride ever: the train to Brasov, Romania…

come join us!


05:45 Riding through Budapest to the main train station

06:00 Found our train on track 11, take all our bags off the bikes, carry the bags and our bikes up 3 very steep & narrow steps into our train and find our seat.

06:40 Train to Brasov on Track 11

06:10 After some looking around and finding out we would have to share our space with another person, we decide to take up other seats closer to our bikes.

06:40 Finally— the train ride starts!

After getting settled in and taking in some of the views out of the window we decide to have some coffee from the train-restaurant and eat the breakfast we brought with us.

Ron on his way back from getting MORE coffee!

It seems that we stop almost every hour to change out our train engine, which is pretty neat to watch, but makes for really bad time management.

One of our Locomotive changes!

10:30 (Hungarian time) our train stops, all of our train’s exits are blocked by what looks like Hungarian border police, three policemen come on board, stamp our passports and then one of them takes off with our passports towards the other end of the train… somehow this makes us feel a little uncertain about what is happening here and we are thinking of all kinds of horror-stories of our train taking off while our passports are still off the train. Luckily, our conductor ensured us that having the passports taken is “NO Prrroblam”, and sure enough after about 10 minutes (or what seemed to take an eternity) our passports resurfaced together with a friendly border control police officer.

Hungarian Border Police

10 minutes later at 11:50 we reach Romania

Hungarian Visa Stamp

11:58 (Romanian time) The train stops again, a Romanian border police officer comes on board, takes our passports away again, this time we feel a little more relaxed, although the man disappears for another 10 minutes to stamp our passports.

Romanian Visa Stamp


13.30 Time to pull out our bread rolls, cheese, lunchmeat, together with whatever other snacks we brought, we really enjoy the dried Hungarian sausages.

Chow Time!

14:35 Does This Train Ride Ever End??!!

14:57 – Yet another engine change….time for a snack!

Snack time!

15:00-17:00 All of us are taking turns taking naps, while somebody is watching the weird guy that keeps checking out everybody’s luggage.

17:00 Are we there yet???? Why do we always feel like there are never enough snacks on a train??

18:30 Dinner time again. Nothing like bread, salami, cheese, and some smoked sausage 4 times in one day. Yummy!

Eating again….

18:50 Any idea what we can do for the next 4.5 hours??? Maybe we could look out of the window for a little while; we’ve only done that for the last 12 hours!! Oh…and is it possible to go faster than 40 mph in this “IC” train????

20:00 Oh, look another train stop! Oh and there is another cute little stray dog (supposedly these are very common in Romania, and we think it may be true, according to how many we have seen since we crossed into Romania)

20:15 Getting dark out

20:30 Dang it’s dark out and only 3 more hours!

23:30 Bam! We have arrived in Brasov and are unloading our stuff.

23:45 We are getting all kinds of strange looks as we load our bikes and head out of the train station to our Hostel.

Leaving the Brasov Train Station

00:15 Since we knew we were going to arrive late, we made reservations for an apartment; however, once we finally find the place there is nobody to be found to let us in. Nobody is at the door, and nobody is answering the phone—isnt’t that special!

00:30 A very nice Romanian Police Officer patrolling the area is helping us figuring out another place to stay.

00:40 On our way to the new Hostel we run into another police officer who is nice enough to lead us all the way to Hostel. This is very helpful, since there are all kinds of constructions and detours going on.

Night riding in Brasov with Police escort

01:00 Finally, we made it, and there are 4 Beds available! Good Night!

Some random photos of our journey through Hungary and Romania.

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