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Visiting Dracula’s Castle, heading to Făgăraș

Visiting Dracula’s Castle, heading to Făgăraș

Our day starts somewhat early, around 9:00 we get ready to start riding toward Făgăraș. On the way there, we plan on visiting Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle), which we are very excited about. As soon as we leave Brasov we start climbing gradually, but with the traffic being somewhat hectic and all the new sites to see, we don’t think of the miles of climbing we are doing. We come by many horse-drawn hay wagons and people working the fields, everybody seems to be smiling, waving, and saying hello, even the car and truck drivers honk their horns at times to wave us hello or give us a thumb up. As we make it over the top of the mountain a friendly Rumanian in a parking lot stands up and gives us a standing ovations–this must be the friendliest place we have ever visited!

After about 20 Miles of climbing we finally see Bran Castle, aka Dracula’s Castle. As we find our way through all the little booths of souvenir and food stands, we decide to go into the castle in shifts, so someone can watch the bikes. Apparently our bikes are just as much of a tourist attraction as the castle itself. We get quite a view curious looks and some people start asking us questions about our bikes, where we go, and what we do. The castle itself is quite beautiful and interesting, with convoluted rooms, secret passageways, cute niches, and many displays to explore.

Once out of town we stop close to the road to munch on bread and lunch meat before we keep riding. Soon afterwards we enjoy more views of fortified churches, many more horse carriages (one cow-drawn carriage) and in all about 30 stray dogs. (we made it a game trying to count how many dogs we can see). Our track went mostly downhill, however we had to maneuver over 6 Miles of very uneven, rocky dirt roads, which made for a full-body work out. Finally in Făgăraș we head out to a well deserved dinner after finding our next place to sleep at the Pensiunea Vanessa.

Good night!

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