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Komarom to Bratislava, Slovakia

Komarom to Bratislava, Slovakia

Closed on Mondays

It’s Monday morning and we are standing in front of one of the fortresses in Komarom only to realize, that’s it’s Monday and all tourist sites are closed on Mondays!  So we make a command decision to take a train to Bratislava and spend some time theresightseeing.  So for about $6 each we jump on the train with our bikes and head to Bratislava.  Only, we don’t make it all the way into Bratislava’s main train station because someone in our group panicked at the first stop with Bratislava in its name and existed the train.  Well now we are all committed, so we exit the train and begin our ride into Bratislava. Lucky for us it’s only about 6 miles to the city center and by this point everyone is pretty savvy with urban riding, so we make our way to the city center.

After arriving in the old part of Bratislava we search out free Internet, so we can find a place for the night.

Scabbing some Internet!

Scabbing some Internet!

As Ron attaches to the McDonald’s open Internet a lady passes by and ask if we need a place to stay.  Naturally we say, “Yes” and she says, “Follow me, I have an apartment you can rent.” Of course we follow with, “How much?” and she responds with the right price.

Our pad for the next two nights!

The apartment is right next to the McDonalds on the fourth floor and in the heart of the city center.

After settling in our new place, we decide to go ahead and take a down day and stay two nights in Bratislava.


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