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We are carrying entirely too much stuff!! At least that is the conclusion we drew from having sore legs and hurting knees after crossing another mountain pass. We can't wait to get back to Germany to leave some of our gear, extra parts, and what ever else we can purge and have not needed in the last few months...or at least anything that would make this mountain-climbing-business a little bit easier.
Dejan gave us plenty of time before needing to meet up with him again at his family's house in the Soča Valley. Obviously, he knew that the route there would be absolutely amazing and that it would take us some time to ride the few miles. He was right. There were a few more historical sites, an old WWI military
After 36 hours, our ferry finally arrived in Trieste...6 hours late, but just in time for sunrise, which was lucky for us, since we were not sure where to go to at 01.30 am in Trieste anyway. We quickly gathered our belongings and our bikes and rode into town to grab a coffee, pastry, and to get on the internet to figure out where to go.