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Days 81 & 82 (29/30 May 2013)  - Since we felt, that we were slacking off lately, we went on a long ride today-- all the way to Seville. As we leave town, we run into a German couple waiting for a local bus ride close to the campground. Once they discover our plan to make it all the way to Seville today, they just shake their heads in disbelief; however, we did it! [singlepic id=1569 w=620 h=540 float=center]  
Day 78 - 80 (26/28 May 2013) - Our touring style has changed a little bit. It seems that we have finally realized, that we are not on a time-constrained vacation, but rather on a long-term, long-haul tour. We get up late and stay up late and we like to hang out a little bit longer in one spot. So it's not
Days 56 - 59 (4/7 May 2013) - Our mission for the first day in Ronda was to find a bike shop to check on parts for Ron’s crank set as a back up, should we not be able to get them replaced through FSA . After lying around in our tent for a short while, we got ready to walk the 2 miles
Days 54 & 55 (2/3 May 2013) - The morning is cold and wet; there is so much dew around us, that we have to pack up a soaking wet tent. We ride about 10 miles before it warmed up a little bit, that’s when we decide to stop and make some coffee and have a bite to eat. Because of all the

Day 53 (1 May 2013) - Initially, we wanted to go see the Medina right outside Cordoba, unfortunately it was May 1st (a national holiday), which meant that all the tourist sites were closed for the day. So we swiftly decided to pack up to hit the road. The weather was still

Day 51/52 (29/30 April 2013) - It has become increasingly  more difficult finding good internet connections during our travels. While we are wild camping we have no internet at all and when we camp at an official site or stop at a McDonalds, the connections can be quite sporadic.
Day 50 (28 April 2013) - We woke up early to a cold morning. As we get out of the tent we notice clouds rolling in quickly over the mountains. We break up camp, and as soon as we have everything packed and the tent rolled up it opens up and the rain pours on us. Luckily we have