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Over the mountain and into the valley to Cordoba

Over the mountain and into the valley to Cordoba

Day 50 (28 April 2013) – We woke up early to a cold morning. As we get out of the tent we notice clouds rolling in quickly over the mountains. We break up camp, and as soon as we have everything packed and the tent rolled up it opens up and the rain pours on us. Luckily we have good rain gear which keeps the cold and the rain away from our bodies. Todays ride reminds us a lot of our tour in 2010 when we rode 3 weeks in cold rain…however, we still had a great time!


We rode past a few very interesting little towns with their white houses built up the side of the mountain–one atop the other. Actually, we never realized, that spain has so many mountains!

Finally  it stopped raining for a little while, so we took the chance to take a break on top of a little hill. Since the wind was still ripping right through us, we set up our tarp to shield us from the cold, while we made some hot coffee and ate our lunch.

Despite the weather, we still managed to ride a long way and enjoyed watching the scenery, around us. We are definitely riding through farm land; there are cow pastures, sheep herds, and pig herds all around us. Many of the domestic animals look quite different than what we are used to in Florida: the pigs and goats are mostly black, a

Initially we wanted to wild camp one more time just before we get to Cordoba and get an official campsite in the morning, when we plan to sightsee the city. But as we get closer we change our mind and just want to get a regular campsite for the night and enjoy a hot shower after being in this cold, wet weather all day.


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