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Tarifa, Ruinas de Baelo Claudia, & Windmills Galore!

Tarifa, Ruinas de Baelo Claudia, & Windmills Galore!

Day 74 1/2 – 78 (22/26 May 2013) –
“Ahhh, can you hear it??!!”
“What?? I hear nothing!”

We stop, look around, and it is still quiet!

All we hear are the birds chirping, the ocean waves, and people having conversations among themselves.


This campground is so relaxing!

For a couple of days we do nothing but lounge around the camp. We actually do manage to take a walk into Tarifa to exchange our Dirhams back to Euros and to get some food supplies. Also, Ron does some bike maintenances and changes the oil in our Rohloff hubs.

Other than that– we relax some more!


Tarifa is Spain’s “windy city”, it is also it’s wind- and kite-surfing capital. While walking along the sandy beach, we watch some people learning how to kite-surf and others that have mastered the art and are able to race over the waves and soar way up into the air with their kites. We also see some unexpected beach goers that are lazily sunbathing—a few cows are taking their siesta right here at the beach—not that we could blame them, it is rather relaxing here.


After spending three nights in Tarifa, we pack up camp and start heading up the coast toward Cadiz.

Along the way we take a nice little detour over a small mountain to visit some ancient Roman ruins. The antique town is located right at the Atlantic ocean with mountains towering in the background.


Even though only a small amount of the Roman city is excavated, it is a remarkable sight. The bathhouses, fish salt factory, living quarters, the temple with some columns, and the amphitheater is easily identifiable and nicely preserved.

After exploring the entire site, we continue on to make it closer to Cadiz.


We are amazed at how many windmills we pass by; there must be hundreds of them, harvesting the energy of the relentless ocean breeze. Some are organized in small groups, others in long rows…we have never seen that many wind mills in one spot!


Since we do not want to kill ourselves trying to make it all the way to Cadiz, we stop at a campsite along the way.

The next day we continued the quiet, uneventful ride to Porto St. Maria, where we will be staying at a campsite not far from Cadiz for a few days.

Before reaching our spot, we come by a small baseball field where we watch some locals playing a match. Apparently, nobody really keeps score, because there seems to be quite some confusion and commotion whether the team has 3 outs or not–which is pretty funny to witness.


Eventually, we make it to our next destination. The campsite is close to the beach and we’ll be able to take a short ferry ride over to Cadiz to sightsee.

Looks like another perfect spot to hang out!


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