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Wild Camping in Espana!

Wild Camping in Espana!

Day 48 (26 April 2013) – The alarm went off at 06:00 and after hitting the snooze a few times we finally crawled out of the sleeping bag to break camp, just to make sure we were not noticed by any farmers.

We were on our bikes before official sunrise and after a very short ride we pulled over to make some coffee and have breakfast before continuing on.


We took our time today. We stopped in a little town and enjoyed checking out some old-timers at a small car show, took some breaks in a couple of parks to have lunch, some snacks, and of course our daily fresh baked bread. We admired the hilly scenery all around us and waved back to several very friendly people that greeted us and cheered us on.


Since the next official campground is over 80 miles away and it was getting late in the day, we started searching for another wild camp spot. Sometimes it seems all the good spots are readily available at the beginning of the day. However, when we are nearing the end of our day, all the good spots seem to be far and few between. Instead we are faced with fences, urban areas, ‘no trespassing’ sings, or some other signs that we are having difficulty figuring out. Luckily, we found a spot just before sunset and had enough time to cook some pasta dinner and to set up camp before dark.


Our little piece of heaven is located right on top of a small hill with a great view of the valley and the surrounding mountains—life is good!

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