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Cycling to Phetchaburi past new and old temples

Cycling to Phetchaburi past new and old temples

We have about 40 miles of cycling to make it to Phetchaburi. The initial 15 or so are a lot of ups and downs, before hitting flat land again.

We ride along a canal with many cows tied up along the water. Actually, these are the most cows we have seen so far in Thailand. They do look quite different from the US or European cows. Some have long horns and big humps on their back, others are huge and have really long, floppy bunny ears which make them look very cute.


We stop by a small store to get a snack and a coke. The owner and his son are very interested in our bikes and ask a lot of questions about our gear. The son asks where we are heading to and tries to lift one of our bikes. He barely lifts the front of the ground and gives up quickly to lift the rest. He laughs and can’t believe how heavy it is. Once they find out that we are riding to Vietnam and Laos with those heavy bikes, we are all given a bottle of cold water with a “good luck” before saying goodbye.

Along our way, we come by several temples, most of them were new ones.

However, before reaching Phetchaburi, we ride past two old looking temples. Most temples, we have seen so far are very colorful and loaded with golden Buddhas. Some are downright Disney-production-material. These, however, are very simple in color; the stones are old and weathered and the architecture makes them seem a little crooked at first sight. Yet, with the ends swooping up on either side, they look a little bit like old boats. For us they look like “real” temples: a little bit mysterious and a lot like quiet sanctuaries where one could find peace. So far they are our favorite.


By late afternoon, we finally reach Phetchaburi, where we look for a budget hotel, that our German friends from the park told us about.


Rolling into Phetchaburi, there were all kinds of statues lining the main road


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