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Back On The Bikes!

Back On The Bikes!

Day 206 (26 Sep 2013) – After spending a week hiking and hanging out near Aviemore, we decide it is time to get going again. Ute’s plan is to go look for a friend near the east coast and our plan is to cycle south and toward Dunoon, where we want to visit Gary and Deb. Gary and Deb are a very nice couple we have met while traveling through Spain and we were invited to visit them at their cozy house at the water.


So in the morning, we get up early, break camp and try to remember how to pack our panniers for our tour down south. It actually took us a little while to pack everything back up after traveling by car for the last month. But it feels sooooo good to be back on the saddle!!! Soon we say our goodbyes to Ute and start pedaling. We have to ride back into town first to resupply our food pannier for the day and top off the fuel bottles.


Afterwards, we head out of town and pick up the National Cycle Route 7 toward Pitlochry. The path follows little quiet roads through several valleys and through small quaint villages. However, we quickly realize, we are not going to make it all the way to our initial destination. There are more hills and much more headwind than we anticipated. Also our butts are complaining about the saddle after not having been on a bike for several weeks. So as it gets later in the day, we start looking for a quiet place to set up our tent.


Fortunately, this is Scotland, where wild camping is possible almost anywhere and we do not have to look long to find a suitable place to spend the night not too far from the road. We push our trusty bikes up a small hill into a patch of trees, set up our tent, make us a couple of tasty sandwiches and chill out for the night. As we are laying there on our mats, we just can’t help but smile and be happy… we are bike touring again!!!!


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