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Family time

Family time

Day 155 – 160 (10/15 Aug 2013) – Saturday arrives; we pack up and ride back into town to meet Jessi—this time for real!!

It was great seeing her again, although we feel a little bad that we are not able to spend any time with our other daughter who has to work and study in Florida.

Over the weekend, we go exploring and hiking the rugged coast of Cornwall.

We hike several stretches of the Coastal Pathway and visit places like Lizard Point and explore a couple of old tin mine ruins. The Coastal Pathway stretches for 630 miles (1,014 km), running from Minehead in Sinerset along the coast to Poole Harbour in Dorset. The sights along the path are absolutely stunning and we have contemplated storing our bikes for a while to hike it…unfortunately, we have no backpacks, so we have to reserve to only walking stretches of it.


Tin mining played a major role in Cornwall’s past and left its marks all over the countryside. Actually, because of the rich mining history, the area has been made a UNESCO heritage site. There were mines along the coast with shafts going over a thousand feet beneath the sea and other mines scattered throughout the inland.


After several bad incidents in the early 1900s almost all the mines have been closed down. Also, our favorite English snack—the Cornish Pasty—has sprung from the tin mining industry. Since miners were not able to wash their hands prior to eating while working in the mine, they invented a pastry filled with meats, potatoes, and vegetables. They would hold the crust from one side, eat all of its filling and then discard the crust they were holding on to to avoid lead poisoning.


During the week, while Jessi and her colleague have to work, we try to update our blog, hang out around town, and are just plain lazy. In the evenings, we enjoy having Jessi’s company…live is good!



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