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In great company, meet Deb and Gary!

In great company, meet Deb and Gary!

Day 210 – 213 (30 Sept/2 Oct 2013) – We love meeting new people! And we love it even more when ‘people’ turn into friends!

Back in May, we met Deb and Gary during our travels in Spain while camping in Rhonda.


(sadly our camera’s lens was foggy)


We were waiting to get Ron’s bike fixed and Deb and Gary took a short down time while hiking/backpacking through Spain. Since we had adjacent pitches at the campground, we got to meet each other and hit if off right away.


The two have overcome all kinds of obstacles in their past, they love to travel and actually spent a year touring on a sailboat, they restored and rebuilt their home and furniture, they are an exceptional couple and a true inspiration!



Thanks to today’s technology we were able to stay in touch and once we arrived in the UK, the two invited us to come stay at their home.

So here we are enjoying the company of Deb and Gary: we go for walks and learn a lot about the beautiful area they live in. Our walks lead us past a couple of prehistoric standing stones, an ancient fort, and a historic ruined chapel which was built on top of an old pagan worship site. We spend long evenings chatting and we get to go sailing with Gary on his self built sailboat…what a treat!



Ron has been wanting to learn how to sail and is ecstatic over the chance to give it a try. The weather is original Scottish with cold mist, but that does not stop us from enjoying our very first sailing lesson. After putting on our rain gear and borrowed “Wellies”, we head down to the boat. Unfortunately, we are one pair of Wellies short, so Ron has to give Ute a piggyback ride from the shore to the boat and back. Once we are all settled in on board, we finally get to handle a few of the ropes and Ron gets to steer the boat while Captain Gary is in command and gives us instructions. We are really good at not getting whacked by the main sail … but boy, we realize quickly, we have a lot to learn before we could take of on a voyage by sailboat!


Although we really enjoyed our time with Deb and Gary, and the two made it clear, we could stay for as long as we wanted, it was time for us to move on again.

Unfortunately, several weeks ago, we were invited through helpx to work on a ship in England, and had made arrangements to start volunteering down there in the next few days. So sadly, it was time to say goodbye.

Thank you again Deb and Gary for your hospitality and a wonderful time!! You are truly inspirational!!


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