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Hanging out with great people, meet Kelly and Dave

Hanging out with great people, meet Kelly and Dave

Day 147-148 (2/3 Aug 2013)Although, we were the first ones to be put on the ferry, we were the last ones to leave the ferry on our level…after all the foot passengers, cars, buses, RV’s, and trucks. Once at the passport control, we played ’50 questions’ with the officer, who seemed to think we came to work here in the UK. At least that’s what her statements: ”that’s a long time to be without work!” and the questions: ”are you looking for work? or, are you going to work here?” implied. After ensuring her, that work was the last thing on our minds and would defeat the purpose of a sabbatical, she finally stamped our passports and let us enter the UK.


It was late and dark and we were cold and tired, which is a bad combination to try to find our way around in a new country where everybody drives on the ‘wrong side’ of the street. We kept telling ourselves “think left, think left”, but somehow maneuvering our way through the first traffic circle into the wrong direction, with cars coming from the wrong direction, just seemed overall….wrong.

Having our mirrors mounted to only see the sidewalk on the left didn’t help trying to avoid the cars zinging by us on the right, either.


Eventually, around 11.00 pm, we made it to our destination: Dave and Kelly’s house, a wonderful family, who will host us for the next two nights.


Dave and Kelly (aka cycling nomads) are long-term bike-travelers as well and have rode their bikes for a year from Patagonia through several countries in South America to Mexico. They made us feel right at home and knew exactly how it felt to be hosted by strangers…it is always great to meet wonderful people and to enjoy some of the small luxuries such as real towels, sleeping in a bed, and eating at a real table like regular people. Yet, at the same time it can feel awkward because it is a stranger’s house and we do not want to be a burden, even though we are told to feel at home.


However, knowing that the two have gone through some of the same emotions on their travels made us feel much more comfortable. We hit it off well and had a great time exchanging stories about our adventures and experiences.  We loved checking out their pictures of South America and the two gave us all kinds of information on traveling in England.

The next day, we checked out town together. Dave gave us a great tour of his work place and introduced us to Cornish Pasties, which we think will most definitely make great riding food. We had a lot of fun playing with their little baby girl, Iris, and later that day we enjoyed a nice cookout in the backyard, when another cyclist/Warmshowers guest, Colin,  joined us for the night.


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and eventually we had to say good bye. However, hopefully we get to see the three again in a few weeks on their vacation in Wales.


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