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Hurry up and …..wait!!

Hurry up and …..wait!!

Day 150 – 154 (5/9 Aug 2013)  – It seems, we need lessons in reading and comprehending e-mails!!

We are all excited to see our daughter.  So after riding all day on the busy roads to Exeter, we decided to take a late train to Falmouth, where Jessica was going to check into a hotel tonight. At least that’s what we recall the email stated that we received several days ago. Unfortunately, we managed to somehow delete the very same message and are unable to confirm. Also, we are unable to get a hold of Jessi through Skype at the moment; yet, we are sure the day is today, so we jump on the train.


We have to take all our panniers off the bikes and store the bikes in a separate cart and haul all of our panniers into the passenger area. Since there is not enough room in the seating area for all of our stuff, we decide to stand between the coaches with all of our stuff. Eventually another passenger with a bike enters as well and together we have to change trains after two hours to get on a smaller train to reach Falmouth. Rob, the other bike rider helps us with our cycles and we start talking. Apparently he has bike traveled before and is very eager to hear our story so we chat it up.


As we get closer, he tells us, he knows exactly where the hotel is located and offers us to ride with us. By the time we reach Falmouth it is dark and raining cats and dogs. We retrieve our panniers, fasten them on the bikes and make our way through the very hilly town of Falmouth. It does not take long for us to get drenched. Once at the hotel, we go to check on Jessi just to find out nobody with that name has checked in, nor has anybody from her workplace.

Luckily, Rob sprung to action and offered us to camp in his sister’s backyard where he lives. Gratefully we accept, haul our bikes up the steepest hill in town that has a river flowing on it by now and make our way to his house. We meet his sister and her boyfriend, who are absolutely wonderful and agree to let us stay there and let us use their bathroom as well. We quickly set up our tent in the rain and go to sleep, wondering what we are going to do the next day.


The next day, we finally hear from Jessi and find out, that we have arrived in Falmouth one week too soon. Apparently, the plan was all along for her to stay in Portsmouth for the first week and then start work in Falmouth the following Saturday.

Oh well, looks like we will have plenty of down time in beautiful Cornwall.

After hanging out with Rob for a short while in the morning, we look for a campground near the town, but not before agreeing to meet him again for some fish and chips and a pint of beer.


After strolling through town and checking with the tourist information office, we head out to a campground located on a farm.

There, we just relax and go for hikes along the coast for the next few days. We marvel over the lush, almost tropical foliage along the coast, pick lots of blackberries, and enjoy the beautiful views. Oh, we also manage to make into town to buy some food and to meet Rob for a night out as well.




  • Jenny-bee
    Posted at 20:42h, 22 August Reply

    Holy cow dad… or should i say dude… get a hair cut =P

    • Ron
      Posted at 14:09h, 27 August Reply

      Whatever! Dudette!! 🙂

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