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Past more lochs, over the hill, to our friend’s house we go

Past more lochs, over the hill, to our friend’s house we go

Day 209 – 210 (28/29 Sept 2013)-In the morning, we get a wake up call from our new duck-friends, that are knocking on our tent. Those guys must be used to getting fed by people visiting the beach area and are insistent on getting something to eat from us as well.

After a few minutes of enjoying the view of Loch Tay and the surrounding mountains from our tent, we crawl out of our sleeping bags and find a couple of crumbs for our new friends so we could have our breakfast in peace.


Afterwards we pack up our bikes, while Ute packs up her car and we go our separate ways again until later in the day. We know, it seems silly to carry all of our camping gear, food, clothes, and what have you, since all of us will be camping together again at night. However, we feel strongly about traveling self-reliant and somehow we feel it would be cheating to have all of our belongings carted around for us, so this is how we keep going for the next two days.


During the day, we see Ute pass us by every once in a while. She usually rides ahead, goes hiking, and keeps an eye out for a potential camp spot for the night. We pedal along, enjoy the scenery, take some rests, and love being on our bikes again. Occasionally, we meet up together, have a warm drink and check the map so we have an idea of where to meet again.


We ride along Loch Lomond and Loch Fyne to find another grand spot to spend the night near the “Honeymoon Bridge” a few miles from “Rest and be Thankful”.


The highlight of our route to our friend’s house is going over “Rest and be Thankful”. We rode over the pass by car when we first crossed into Scotland a month ago and were bummed out not to have crossed it by bike. But now we could fully enjoy the ride, which by the way seemed much shorter than we anticipated. The view from “Rest and be Thankful” is still spectacular, we take a short break on top to soak it all in, before heading back down on the other side.


As night falls we all find our way to Deb and Gary’s where we are greeted warmheartedly and will spend the next few days.


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