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Not ready to get back in the car yet… riding along Loch Tay

Not ready to get back in the car yet… riding along Loch Tay

Day 208 (28 Sept 2013)    While enjoying our cup of coffee in the morning, we watch a couple of pheasants wandering through our campsite. 


Our camp is not far from the tiny road, which shares the cycle route. There are a couple of cars driving by, but none of the drivers are giving us a second glance. It still feels odd to wild camp legally pretty much anywhere and not have to worry about being detected by people passing who might not like the idea of us being there.


Eventually, we get packed up and ready to ride again. Today’s route leads us through another beautiful valley, past a little ruin, toward Loch Tay. As we approach the Loch, we receive a phone call from Ute. Apparently, she has left her friend and is heading into our direction. Since she is much quicker by car than us by bike, it does not take long for her to catch up with us in a little town at the beginning of the Loch.


We all have a snack together and try to come up with a travel plan that suits all of us. Ron and I are definitely not finished riding our bikes through Scotland yet and want to continue pedaling all the way to Gary and Deb’s house. So we decide to keep riding while Ute keeps driving and we’ll meet up to find a place to camp together in the evening at the other end of Loch Tay…and off we go taking the hilly scenic route along the Loch.


At last, we meet up with Ute again at a nice beach area at the Loch. Once settled in, we enjoy each others company over a cup of wine and a hot meal.

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