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Scotland Summary

Scotland Summary

Scotland Fact Sheet


  • Days in Scotland: 58
  • Miles cycled: 181 (not enough!)
  • Miles ridden in car: 1300 (way too many!)
  • Miles hiked: unknown (just right!)
  • Nights free camping: 17
  • Nights in campground: 23
  • Nights in bed (friends, helpx): 17
  • Coldest night spent in the tent: -3 Celsius (26.6 Fahrenheit)
  • Flats, bikerepairs: 0


Things we have learned about Scotland:

  • long_path_topWild camping is legal pretty much anywhere
  • Scotland is a definite destination for any nature lover: the rugged mountains and the beautiful lochs and glens are stunning to look at and to hike/bike through
  • Bring a Midge-Head-Net when traveling on the West coast!
  • Even when the mountains appear dry, barren, and arid from the distance, many of them usually resemble more of a soaking wet sponge when walking/hiking on them
  • Mountains in Scotland are classified and named by height: there are 284 Munros (over 3000ft high), 221 Corbetts (between 2500ft – 2999ft high), and 224 Grahams (between 2000ft – 2499ft high)
  • It is possible to have all 4 seasons in one day…and the answer to whether it is going to rain today on Isle of Skye is always: Yes!
  • There is no such thing as “bad weather”, there is only such thing as “the wrong gear”…and always make sure your rain gear is handy


Funny things we have discovered in Scotland

  • sheep_closeupScotland is full of sheep, but there is hardly any sheep-cheese to be found. However, Haggis has all kinds of other sheep parts to offer and is a Scottish delicacy
  • Black-pudding and White-pudding have absolutely nothing to do with chocolate or vanilla dessert
  •  There is more than one way to shear a sheep…and you are allowed to tip over the township’s sheep and pluck their chest for wool at anytime!
  • “Aye” has nothing to do with “I”


Things we have done for the first time in Scotland


  • Traveled with family by car
  • Looked for Nessi (did not find her)
  • Hiked Monros and Corbetts
  • Had our first bad experience and our first good experience working through ‘HelpX’
  • House-sit a farm, took care of  9 chickens, 3 geese, 2 cats, 1 pony, and numerous sheep, cleaned our first chicken and geese coops, and all the animals are still alive and well!!


 scotlandThings great people have taught us in Scotland








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