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Stealth camping in plain view!

Stealth camping in plain view!

It was almost dark when we finally found a campground; however, after discovering they wanted nearly $40 just to spend the night, we decided to ride back down the road where we noticed a lot of folks in motor homes (RVs), camping trailers, cars and semi-trucks sleeping in a rest area just off the highway. We figured if they could do it, so could we! Not wanting to appear as though we were “camping”, we only set up our tarp and threw all of our stuff, including ourselves and bicycles under it for the night. It worked out well and we slept like babies.

In the morning after packing up, we made our coffee, ate breakfast, and used the restrooms before taking off and nobody seemed to give us a second look. Surprisingly, most of the people in the RVs, camping trailers, and trucks appeared to still be sleeping.



It’s hard to imagine that just 5 months ago we slept in our house, in a nice bed, had great jobs and we gave all this up to sleep on the ground in places like this, a rest area, under a tarp, and next to the highway! Life is good!


  • barbara
    Posted at 03:23h, 14 September Reply

    haha!! thats awesome guys! welcome to the cyclo-bump liefe : ) so great to see you guys out there!!
    I made it to Australia. just arrived her 2 weeks ago – by boat of course! sailing across the pacific took us 5 months from the USA to mexico and across some pacific islands. now I am eager to go to Asia..if I can get another passport here..and all the stupid visas.. and then find a boat to indonesia before the cyclone season in November – ah thravelling the world is a hard job ; )
    just fixed up another bike with a grat recycling guy – I payed him beer and stayed with him for 3 days – my new companion is shine green ; ) – still needs a few peaces here and there – but for now I am very happy! – after 5 months on solid ground again and finally on a bike again!!
    many hugs and best wishes! – hope we meet up somewhere ; )

    • Ron
      Posted at 07:06h, 14 September Reply

      Hallo Barb, it’s great to finally hear from you!!! Glad alles ist gute and that you are on solid ground for a bit of time! Yeah the visa thing can be a pain in arse, so hopefully you can work it out and continue on and maybe our travels will cross somewhere between Europe and Asia, in the meantime, safe travels!

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