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Randonneuring? What’s Coming Up 2011?

Randonneuring? What’s Coming Up 2011?

Even before the ball dropped in New York city, we had already started planning our big trip for the year… well sort of that is. As many of you know, we are saving and planning for a 12 to 18 month, “career break”, “sabbatical”, “extended vacation”, or whatever you want to call it. We like referring to it as our, “Global Bike Tour”, so taking a vacation has been kind of on the back burner because we’re trying to save every extra penny until we realized 2011 was the year of the PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris) Brevet. What is a PBP? A little history behind this event and what makes it so unique. First of all, it happens to be the oldest bicycling event to date, it’s 1200Km long and the cyclist must finish within 90 hours, the cyclist must qualify by riding a 200Km, 300Km, 400Km, & 600Km before they’re allowed entry, and most importantly it’s only held every 4 years, so prolonging the BIG vacation a few extra months for the PBP may be worth it. Ask us afterwards if it was!! Ron tried 4 years ago, but only made the 200Km and missed the remaining 3 rides.

After the PBP and for the remainder of our vacation, we’ll bike tour our way from Paris back to Neustadt/Aisch to visit family and friends and hopefully stand in the Nordkurve and schau auf unser Club as they take to the pitch! Also, there is something that is going to make this trip a little different this year; our best friend,a family friend, a fool that we’ve known for 22+ years will be joining us for the ride. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into, but he’ll survive to tell about it. In between doing the shorter qualifying Brevets, we plan on doing our normal cycling trips and weekend camping tours.

In the meantime, we hope you will follow us as we try to qualify for this summer’s Paris-Brest-Paris Brevet over the next 4 months. It will not be easy and we’ll be pushing ourselves like we’ve never pushed before, so cross your fingers (American friends), squeeze your thumbs (German friends), or do whatever you do when wishing someone “Good Luck” because we are going to need it.

No worries though, if the PBP thing does not work out, we do have a backup plan!

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