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A great start!

A great start!

Saturday morning comes quickly, after a day of packing and a night of little sleep and anticipation. We get up early, move our bed into the backroom, eat a good breakfast, get on our bikes and pedal toward the Suncoast Trail. On the way there Jessica, our daughter, and our friend Maria join us on their bikes to ride along. As we get to the Trailhead we are greeted by a big group of friends, who are waiting on us to wave us goodbye or to ride along with us for a while. It was very humbling seeing so many friends show up to wish us farewell!

Our Send Off Party!

After a lot of hugs, some tears, and many well wishes, about 15 of us ride north on the trail
toward Brooksville where we say bye to our Aunt. Soon our riding group is reduced to five, who continue to pedal on, all the way to camp out at Ft. Cooper, for our first night. We are so excited that the headwind does not bother us too much.

Aunt Bobby

At camp, we are greeted by more friends who are eager to spend the first night of camping with us.  Not only did they show up to have a good time; no, they also insist on feeding us. We are served Lobster tail, hamburgers, chili, and salad…talk about “ruffing” it for the first night!

Thanks to everyone for a great start to our adventure!!!

Lobster Tail

Sunday morning is filled with many mixed emotions, we are eager to pack, have breakfast, and to get going; but it is difficult saying our goodbyes, especially to Jessica. After some long, tight hugs and some more happy and sad tears four of us keep riding, Bobbie and Sam are determined to spend a few more days riding with us. Along our way we meet a few people who are very curious about our bags, where we are going, and what we are up to, which makes for quite a few stops and a long day.

Campsite - Day One

But we made it eventually and spend a nice relaxing night at Jenni’s. Thanks again!

Another morning of riding begins!

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