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First flat and a broken spoke make for a late start

First flat and a broken spoke make for a late start

Our plan was to get going early. However, the hour time change is messing with us a little so we do not even wake up until 7:30.  We walk to the grocer near Jenni’s to pick up supplies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, boil some eggs for breakfast and to take along, and start packing up. As we try to secure our bags on the bikes, we notice Petra has a flat tire, and Bobby has a broken spoke on his wheel… and this is only day 2!

Also Christian’s cat seems to be missing, and since we are going in and out of the house several times to take bags out, we are not sure whether the little kitty has snuck out the door. We search all around the house, even the neighbor’s yard without any luck. Thankfully the little tiger showed up eventually, apparently he was hiding behind a mattress.

After a big sigh of relieve we head a few blocks down to the bike shop, to get Bobbi’s spoke fixed and some air in our tires.  It does not take long to get us all squared away and we finally get to roll out of Gainesville a little after noontime.

Rolling out of Gainesville

Jenni and Christian ride along with us for a little while before turning back around.

Saying our goodbyes is still not getting any easier! After more hugs and well wishes we continue our tour north.

All of us

Even with the late start we are making good time today, the wind-gods are definitely with us today and push us right along to our next destination at Cary State Forest campground.

Cary State Forest

We quickly set up camp; and since nobody brought lobster today for us, we cook up some dinner. After a nice hot shower, and stowing everything away, since it is supposed to rain tonight, it’s time to hang out at the campfire and chill.

Good night everybody.

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