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Great people and lots of history

Great people and lots of history

On Thursday morning we hoped to get going early; yet, the warm sleeping bag felt way too comfy. Eventually we crawled out of the tent, made some Joe, packed up, and had breakfast. As we roll up our tent, our German-neighbor-campers came over to chat. The two live on Tenerife, however, they shipped their campervan from Germany to travel the USA for a year. They have lots of funny and interesting stories to tell. Actually, they wanted to surprise us with some morning coffee, but admitted they had a tough time getting up in time, as well. After some chatting of where we are coming from and where we are going, the nice couple felt they had to give us something to keep us going and sent us off with a delicious bar of German chocolate. Danke Guenter and Anneli!


We finally get rolling shortly before noon and pedal on along US 17.  We pass many old plantations, churches built in the eighteen hundreds,  old southern towns, and lots of  historic markers, we had no idea there was so much history along this route!


It feels great to stop and check out all these different sites along our way….this is what touring is all about!


Before we knew it, it was evening and we reached Darlene and Ken’s home–our first Warmshowers hosts. Their warm welcome made us feel at home right away. We were invited to join dinner with them and their daughter Joy, talked about our travel plans and Darlene’s plan to go touring. With Ken being former military, we reminisced about old Army times, exchanged funny family stories, and chatted about our experiences as Warmshower hosts. It was a nice relaxing evening and a wonderful experience for us to be a Warmshowers guest for the first time.

Tired and with full bellies, sleep came easily this night.




    Posted at 00:02h, 17 March Reply


  • Tracey Krinn
    Posted at 09:39h, 18 March Reply

    I finally got a chance to sit down and re-read all of your adventure posts. Again, I am amazed by your sense of adventure and thrilled for you! Wondering if the weather is cooling down a lot for you- it looked like you were bundled up on Jekyll Island, but possibly due to the wind? Are the temps good for you at night for sleeping?

    Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures- Cooper and I are loving the pics!

    • Petra
      Posted at 21:46h, 18 March Reply

      Glad to hear you and Cooper are enjoying the blog. Yes, it was a little chilly and windy on Jekyll Island, somewhere in the 40s, but it has warmed up again into the 70s, which makes for great riding. At night it cooled down into the 50s the last few nights, which was perfect for us. So hopefully we get to enjoy some more of this nice weather.

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