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More bad weather, a great offer, and welcome to North Carolina

More bad weather, a great offer, and welcome to North Carolina

view_out_of_the_cabinSunday morning comes around. We wake up to raindrops drumming on the tin-roof of our rustic cabin. As we step outside to do our morning run to the bathhouse we can see our breath. Doesn’t this place know that it is officially spring time yet?!

ron_cabin_feverWe make some coffee and discuss our game-plan…both of us are getting cabin-fever, although we like this campground and the people here, we really want to keep going. On the other side it is cold, wet, and miserable. Also, the weather forecast promises snow showers and 23 mph winds for next day. What to do?

After a lot of hem-hahing, we finally decide to suck it up, pack our panniers, throw on our wet weather gear and go for it. We ride by the office to say our good byes to our fantastic camp hosts, Brad and Cece, and take on the road.


It’s cold, wet, and miserable. The wind blows us all around and slows us down tremendously. The night before we had contacted a Warmshowers host in the Hendersonville area (50-some miles away), but unfortunately he was having company and is unable to host us. As we find a convenience store to warm up with another hot coffee, we notice we have a missed a call and a message. To our surprise a friend of the Warmshowers host contacted us and lets us know he is more than happy to have us stay in his home. He even offers to pick us up if need be, or if the weather gets too bad. Since Petra is not having such a good riding day today anyway, with legs feeling heavy and the hills and wind taking a toll, this offer comes as a heaven-send. We try to pedal along as far as possible, but time goes by fast and the miles creep along slowly. Eventually we take up Mike’s offer for a ride to his beautiful home on a hill in Flat Rock.


As we arrive, we stay the evening with his grandson and his son Robert, who cooked up a delicious meal for us…thank you soo much Robert! We chat for a while about Mike’s and his wife Georgie’s passion for raising dogs to be trained for the blind and veterans. Their passion and their hunger for adventure is most inspirational. Sometime this May, Mike is going on a charity ride  across the US to celebrate his 70th birthday. All along his wife will be supporting him while driving along with the RV. We wish both of them the best of luck and hope they will receive as much support and generosity from other people as we have encountered!


In the morning, we are ready to keep going. Mike takes us a short distance out of the busy area of town and sends us off. However, not before trying to ride our packed up trusty, steely, steeds. With a good juggle he hands the bike back over to us and waves us good bye.


Today’s ride is less wet, instead the temperatures dropped even more, we ride through occasional snow showers, and fight constant 23 mph winds. The road is ridiculously busy with heavy traffic. Many of the drivers must be mad at the weather as well and seem to take their anger out on us. Many are getting very close at times, honking their horn, and being overall rude toward us and their fellow traffic participants.


Since we take several breaks to get out of the cold and to avoid the wind, it takes us forever to make it to Asheville. By the time we get there, we are too tired and too cold to try any sightseeing and decide to ride right through to the other side to find a place to stay the night.

Time to warm up and go to sleep. Good night!




  • Larry & Devon
    Posted at 23:45h, 25 March Reply

    There are angry drivers all over and even in good weather (written with much sarcasm!) that don’ t realize how challenging long distance touring is, or for that matter that such a thing even exists! We love reading your posts. Ride safe!
    Larry & Devon, aka A PAIR of Polly’s

    • Petra
      Posted at 07:01h, 26 March Reply

      Thank you Pollys. Sounds like you are speaking from experience 😉 Yesterday, just seemed extra bad.

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