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Cold, rainy, windy weekend–taking some down time

Cold, rainy, windy weekend–taking some down time

Ah– a nice easy relaxing afternoon at Magnolia campground! We swing in the hammock for a while and prepare a pot of hot chili. Slowly we come to the realization that the temperature is dropping and the wind is picking up as the day grows later. Before bedtime comes around we are wearing extra clothes and buffs to keep us warm.

We wake up to frost on the ground and as we unzip the outer layer of our tent it snows into our vestibule as the ice on the inside of the tent breaks up. We reluctantly crawl out and can’t wait for the water to boil to make hot coffee to warm us up.

The sun keeps hiding behind thick clouds and the wind is cold and brisk this morning. It takes a long time to thaw and dry out our tent before we attempt to pack it back up.

Our camp host lets us know that about 40 miles out lies another campground near Spartanburg, where we could stay the next night. So eventually we start rolling just before noontime.

As we pedal through beautiful South Carolina, the hills continue to get bigger, we have many more up-hills than down-hills…..apparently going “up north” is a literal statement!

Also the cold headwind picks up and we find ourselves having to pedal even on the downhill at times. We take several breaks to give our legs a well deserved rest and to stay out of the brisk wind. Luckily the route we picked is very scenic, leads us through a national forest, and has very little traffic. So at least we can listen to our music while working our way to our next destination.


Finally, we make it to Pine Ridge Campground, where we are greeted by CeCe and Brad, a great couple, who managed to follow their dream as well. The two bought this campground the same day we quit our jobs (what a coincidence!) . We chat for a while, about how scary and wonderful it is to make ones dream come true before they show us our tent site for the night. Apparently they just readied two tent spaces on their property and we are the first tent campers in 6 years on this picturesque campground!


We draw some attention from concerned RV campers as we set up our site, many of them wondering whether we will be warm enough throughout the night. We try to convince everybody that we will be warm and cozy in our little home. Brad and CeCe make sure we have firewood for the evening and offer us their home, should it get too cold during the night. After cooking a nice hot meal we decide to call it a day and go to sleep in our tent.

The morning is cold and damp, we make a fire to stay warm and drink something hot. As we check the weather for the next few days, we quickly realize that more nasty weather lies ahead of us—more wind, cold, and rain!

We decide to wait out the bad weather at the campground and rent one of the cute cabins to stay cozy warm. Our camp hosts offer us to ride along with them to the store and get supplies for the next few days; in return Ron helps Brad replace a stove in one of their seasonal campers.

The rest of the day is filled with moving our belongings into the cabin, relaxing, hanging out at the camp office while chatting with people, and sitting by the fire in the evening….this feels like vacation!

If you ever find yourself up this way and are looking for a couple great campsites here you go.

Pine Ridge Campground

Magnolia RV Park & Campground



    Posted at 13:03h, 23 March Reply

    how awesome that is a cool site for your down time…stay warm and enjoy hot coco or coffee..and your new home for a few days and look out for snow!love all your pic…..pedal on. 🙂

    • Petra
      Posted at 13:16h, 23 March Reply

      This is a wonderful site to take some down time, but we are really hoping for some better,warmer weather to keep going!

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