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Since we wake up in the middle of town, we quickly pack up before all the shops open up, to get back on the road. After Howard and several other people warned us not to continue on our planned route--actually, somebody asked us whether we have a death wish-- we decide to follow their

We wake up to "Jack-rabbit" packing up his camp, followed by a lot of loud geese gaggle next to our tent. We wish Jack rabbit farewell on his journey along the AT and pack up camp. Our ride today is pretty uneventful, there are the minor...

[caption id="attachment_5078" align="alignleft" width="300"]AT Campsite in Waynesboro, VA AT Campsite in Waynesboro, VA[/caption]

Our plan was to get up early to climb out of the valley and cycle up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Having the train run nearby our camp, definitely helped with the early wake up call. Fortunately for us, the sun is shining again, which lifts our spirits.

While waiting for the condensation in the tent to dry, we watch some birds play around on our site, and have our breakfast. We are still amazed to have this place all to ourselves. The sun rays are much stronger today and soon we are ready to pack up again to hit the road.

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As we first wake up, we notice there is no condensation in the tent for a change and the temperature outside does not feel too bad.  After a hot cup of coffee and breakfast, we start packing up…that’s when we notice that we feel a little chillier.

Shortly after we made it into Tennessee, the snow magically disappears. The cold, however, stayed… so did the brisk cold wind that just went right to our bones. Luckily the scenery is beautiful and we have quite a few more hills to climb, which keeps us warm and happy.