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Bipolar weather

Bipolar weather

As we first wake up, we notice there is no condensation in the tent for a change and the temperature outside does not feel too bad.  After a hot cup of coffee and breakfast, we start packing up…that’s when we notice that we feel a little chillier.


After skirting Roanoke, we check out the US National Forest Service Headquarters for more information about camping in the national forest. To our delight we discover that dispersed camping (aka primitive/wild camping) is allowed in all US national forests. We leave with a few free maps and are eager to camp for the night.


However, after a few miles we observe more low, foggy clouds hanging over the surrounding mountains. This is when things got a little crazy. Just as Petra asks “what is that?” and Ron replies “if we were in Florida, I would say this is rain, but the oncoming cars are dry”– one of those white clouds comes right at us. Before we know it we were caught in a–snow storm?!

We find a convenience store to warm up with a lot of hot cappuccino and try to wait out the worst of the snow-showers. However, the snow turns to icy sleet after a while; and then back to even bigger, wetter, heavier snow.  That’s when we decided to call it quits for the day and find shelter.


In the morning we wake up to a beautiful winter-wonderland-scene outside the window…But the sun is shining and the snow melts quickly!




After booking our flight for the 15th, we get going.


Ahhh…to ride in sunshine and with warmer temperatures….what a treat!!


All of a sudden we really feel like we are touring again! We enjoy the beautiful sights of horses running in their pastures, cows lazily trotting around, and the mountain views are spectacular. We manage to take a nice lunch break along a river in the sun without shivering. It felt sooo good to soak up the rays.


Eventually, we made it closer to the national forest, where we planned on camping. As we ask to get water from the ranger station, the rangers offered us to set up camp right behind one of their seasonal houses near the ranger station. They even arranged a fire ring for us.


Also, today marks another milestone for us… we hit our first 1000 miles on the bike!


This day has been such a treat!

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    Posted at 23:24h, 05 April Reply

    1000 MILES AWESOME. Good to see you happy and warm ,10 days and u 2 flying out..Petra just love your hair in the tent ..You 2 are awesome. keep on pedaling 😉 hope u 2 have nice weather all the way to DC.

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