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Gertie’s Country Store

Gertie’s Country Store

While waiting for the condensation in the tent to dry, we watch some birds play around on our site, and have our breakfast. We are still amazed to have this place all to ourselves. The sun rays are much stronger today and soon we are ready to pack up again to hit the road.

We are riding along the valley with the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding us. The views of the mountains are amazing.


Soon, our GPS keeps telling us to go all kinds of crazy, windy, hilly, scenic ways, but none of them seem to really make us go forward. So today we end up riding a lot of miles up and down many very steep beautiful Virginia hills, but unfortunately we do not get very far!



Instead we get very hungry and our legs get quite tired. We take a nice long lunch break in front of a public library in a sleepy, quiet little town, and enjoy soaking up the sun before going back on our roller-coaster ride over more hills.


As it gets later we ask somebody in a little town about an opportunity to camp nearby. The nice gentleman gave us a tip of a lady offering camping space to cyclists behind her little, old, country store.  We decide to give it a try and ride downhill for a few miles, before reaching our destination. All we can think of is, that no matter what, we are going to sleep in this valley, because neither one of us feels like climbing back out tonight.


Luckily, we find the little store in Vesuvius—Gertie’s Country Store! The two Ladies inside are very welcoming and offer us camping space in the back without hesitation. They also have a little eatery in the store with lots of delicious homemade barbecue pork….how could we resist?!


After chatting with other guests about bike touring and signing the wall in the cute little place (there are thousands of signatures decorating the place), we head out back to set up for the night.


Tomorrow is going to be quite an experience…we’ll be climbing up to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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