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Sightseeing Washington D.C.

Sightseeing Washington D.C.

white_houseWe made it to Rockville near D.C. and stayed with friends, Mike and Helen,  for a few days until our departure to Spain.

Thursday we went on a quest to find bike boxes, a new helmet for Ron (since his broke about 500miles ago), and a box to put the rest of our belongings in.

During our hunt for boxes we even got to visit our first physical REI store – what a treat that was to actually see and feel the things we might be interested in. Usually we just get to pick things off the internet.

Friday we packed our bikes and most of the camping gear and relaxed for a little while.

Saturday, we explored D.C. and its many monuments, statues, and memorials; we checked out the Air and Space Museum. We had lunch on the grass of the mall and enjoyed the famous cherry-blossoms.

After a long day of walking several miles through the capital we found our way back home to Helen and Mike, who were waiting to take us to go have some great pizza.

Sunday, our friends surprised us with a trip to the Arlington National Cemetery, where we visited Uncle Ed’s (Ron’s uncle) resting place. Afterwards we grilled out and enjoyed sitting together with a glass of wine.

We can’t thank Helen and Mike enough for all their support they have given us and for their hospitality.

Recht herzlichen Dank an Euch Beide!!

Today we finalized packing, made it through security and are now waiting for our flight to Madrid, where a new chapter of this wild and crazy adventure begins.

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