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Relaxing in Dalat : Sightseeing Truc Lam Monastery

Relaxing in Dalat : Sightseeing Truc Lam Monastery

We are tired and worn out from the last few days’ ride and decide to take an easy, relaxing day in Dalat and go visit the Truc Lam Monastery. To get there we take the longest cable car in Vietnam, which was actually built by an Austrian company.


nice view of the surrounding area



It is also a very nice way to see Dalat and the surrounding mountains from atop.

Once at the monastery meditation centre, we wander through the huge garden complex. There are roses, lilies, mums, exotic birds of paradise, and many other ornamental flowers.


Hundreds of bonsai–big and small–are trained into all kinds of bizarre and beautiful forms. They line the walkways and adore the small patches of grass between the walkways.

Several temples are open to visitors and a few monks are present, praying and answering questions from curious visitors.


We walk around and take lots of photos or sit on one of the many benches that are strewn all over the property to adore the scenery and are very content with our relaxing day.



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