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After about 50 miles of riding, having a great lunch, and taking a break at a church, where dozens of children welcome us and where Jessica gets bombarded with questions by several girls about her travels, we finally enter the suburbs of Saigon.
We have heard many mixed reviews about traveling in Vietnam. A couple good ones and quite a few negative ones. We have heard, that visitors get ripped off and that we should learn prices quickly so we can haggle with people. At other times we've read that people were rude or unpleasant and that the continuos honking on the roads is enough to drive anybody bonkers. We decided, however, to ignore all the negative comment and try our best to have an open mind and plan on building our own opinion about this place.
Once in Kratie, we quickly figured, that we would be cutting it close to make it to Saigon in time for Randy to get his bike cleaned, boxed up, and for him to catch his flight back home after Christmas. Instead, we decide to take one more minivan to the border of Vietnam from where we are going to cycle into Saigon.