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Somber days in Dalat

Somber days in Dalat


Going for walk in Dalat

It’s not glamorous being on the road for this long, neither is it all fun and games. Being on the road for this long, riding our bikes all day, searching for groceries, not knowing where we are going to sleep at night, setting up camp at night, cooking and tearing down camp again in the morning can get tiring. Getting dusty or muddy on the road and not having any shower or laundry facilities for days or weeks is anything but glamorous. Although we get to see the world, have adventures, and do not actually work at the time, we do miss things. We miss family birthday get togethers and holiday celebrations with loved ones. We miss university and high school graduations and although we try to stay in touch with our daughters and the rest of the family, sometimes the short greetings and congratulations are just not enough. It is especially difficult to help our daughters through some of their problems, whether it is guiding them through car trouble, money issues, or matters of the heart.
So here we are again in one of those situations where we wish, we could just get home in the blink of an eye.

Schlappohr and us going for a weekend hike a few years ago.

Schlappohr and us going for a weekend hike a few years ago.


Since we finally have a good internet connection in Dalat, we Skype with Jenni, our daughter who is taking care of the house and our loyal, old lady Schlappohr.
We knew when we left home, that our lovely dog is getting up there in age, but were confident, that we’d return in time to see her again and be there to spent her last days with her.
Unfortunately, Jenni has bad news for us. Schlappohr is not eating well and is losing weight rapidly and she has an appointment with the vet later in the day.
Since we are getting closer to the end of our trip, we debate, whether we should just call it quits and take care of the house and the dog ourselves. We even search for flights home.


The old train in Dalat, unfortunately, it does not take us home


Later on we receive a phone call from Jenni, that it is not looking good. Apparently a huge tumour has taken up the entire space where the dog’s stomach is supposed to be and the vet is suggesting, that there is nothing he can do for her at this point. Since Jenni is having a hard time making the final decision for our pet, the vet even gets on the phone with us to confirm that he is not even sure that Schlapphor will make it through the next 24 hours and that the only humane thing to do at this point is to let her go.
This is one of those moments, when we hate being out here. Not only is our little pal and loyal friend dying, but our daughter who grew up with Schlappohr and loves her to pieces has to sign the paperwork to put her down. She stays with her throughout the entire process and then has to arrange for Schlappohr’s remains to be taken care of.
Of course we are distraught by not being there for our pet and the thought that we will never be able to see her again; but not being able to help Jenni at the moment is even more heart breaking.
For the next few days, we are all in a somber mood and despite the 12 hour time difference, we spend a lot of time on skype with Jenni.
Needless to say, nobody is in the mood to continue riding at the moment, so we stay a couple more days in Dalat to reevaluate our plans.
At times, we wonder wether it is really worth it to be out here.

We are very fortunate, that our daughters are quite independent and have a good support system of friends. They are quite self reliant, hard workers, and strong headed young ladies. With that in mind, we do not have to worry too much about their well being…And we are extremely proud of them for that.
Although, we are ready to call it quits, Jenni ensures us, that she is fine and basically tells us to stay the heck away from home, because within a few weeks we’d regret, that we did not finish our trip as planned.
Well, we know she is right.



Going round and round. The big traffic circle in Dalat.





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