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Getting Restless, Time for an Overnight Bike Trip

Getting Restless, Time for an Overnight Bike Trip

bike camping Florida

Beautiful weather for camping

Since coming home from vacation everything is back to normal routine: we stay busy with work and doing things around the house, the commute to work is going well, but somehow we feel restless. The weather is perfect–sunny days and mild temperatures, which make staying inside to work seem like punishment at times. So why not break things up with an overnight bike trip?!

We didn’t have to debate long, because both of us were ready to spend a night in the woods and we really wanted to try out our new Walk-Stools and play around with the camera some more. So Thursday night I packed up my panniers with camping gear to take along to my commute to work the next day. Ron had the pleasure of working from home Friday and would meet me after work to continue our ride north to SR 52 to spend the night at Serenova Tract. Unfortunately, his work kept him busy a little later than anticipated and we met up just as it was getting dark.

bike camping Florida

Primitive Campsite at Serenova Tract

We quickly found our way to Starkey Park just to discover that the park gate has been locked already for the night. Luckily, a guy heading to the campground was just unlocking the gate. At first hesitant to let us come through, because he was not supposed to give out the combination or let anybody else go through the gate with him, he let us pass after finding out that we were just passing through to get to SR52.

We have ridden through Starkey park numerous times; however, this was the first time we made it through in the dark. It seemed like a totally new ride: our senses are heightened in the dark and we hear animals scuffing through the woods, see deer grazing along the path, and the stars sparkle extra bright in the dark park. These new experiences and surprises are what make bike-touring so great!

trying out walk stools bike camping Florida

Enjoying the camp fire…!

As we finally  make it up to SR52 we stop to pick up some Cuban Sandwiches and wine for dinner at the campground. Since the pathways at the Serenova Tract are not paved, it was a little more tricky getting to the campground in the dark. We had to find our way through twisty paths, ride over slippery sugar sand, and dodge a few fallen branches, but we made it. First thing at the site: we lit a campfire and ate our sandwiches, before setting up camp. The rest of the evening we spend sitting by the fire on our Walk Stools while sipping on a cup of wine and enjoying each others company.

bike camping Florida

Chilling out in the morning sun

In the morning we took our time having breakfast and watching the sun come up. We are still trying to get familiar with our camera so we did plenty playing around with it, figuring out different lighting, settings, and modes.
Although we had thoughts of just continuing to ride north for another night, and keep going…. we had to pack up again to head back home. Stupid obligations!

Oh well, there will be a next time soon!


bicycle touring Florida

Our new Walk Stools rock! They are comfy, fold up tiny ,and are light weight. Perfect for bike-camping!


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