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Tightening The Belt!

Tightening The Belt!

Saving Money for Long Term Travel

Many of you already know that our ultimate plan is to take an extended vacation and travel as far as we can around the globe by bike!  Well, before doing so we have to get our monthly bills down and save as much money as we can.  At first we thought this was going to be a little difficult and/or nearly impossible, but once we sat down and looked at our bills, we realized that it might not be as hard as we thought.  We had to decide what was more important to us.  For example, would we rather travel for a year or watch cable TV?  Would we rather travel for a year or stop going out for lunches and eat leftovers instead?  Would we rather travel for a year or keep our thermostat set low?

These are just some of the things we’d have to change before taking the adventure of our lifetime!  Sure saving $10 here or $20 there each week and/or month may not sound like much, but it adds up over a year or two and this is how we are approaching it.

Last month, about midway through our billing cycle for electric we unplugged all of the unused electrical devices like the DVD player, TV, printer, etc… and our electric bill dropped $10 from the previous month.  It may not sound like much, but over a year span, this translates into approximately 3 days of touring!  So from now on, if we want to watch a movie or print something we simply plug the device in and when we’re done using it, it’s unplugged.  We’ve also bumped our thermostat up a notch or two as well, normally we kept our AC set to 79°; however, now we have it set to 80° when we’re home and 81° when we’re not.  Since making this change our AC unit is running less than 6 hours instead of 10 hours on average per day.

Listed below are the things we’ve either dropped and/or changed in order to help make this trip possible and if our calculations are correct this should get us about 100 days on the road.

Things we have currently dropped:

  1. Ron’s cell phone & data plan
  2. Home phone
  3. Gym membership
  4. Cable TV
  5. SAM’s club membership
  6. Other miscellaneous shopping habits
  • Approximate savings in 24 months = $7200 + item #6

Habits we have changed:

  1. Eating more leftovers for lunch
  2. Thermostat is up
  3. Unplugged all unused electrical equipment
  4. Turn off computer when we leave the house
  • Approximate savings in 24 months = Not sure yet!

Would you do it, if you could?

Also, if you have any other money saving tips, please let us know!

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